Step Wise Dental Treatment

Step Wise Dental Treatment

In any situation, many patients find themselves unable to afford more permanent and lasting dental work needed to sustain the rest of their lives. Phased out dentistry is a simple concept that involves understanding that dentistry is a dynamic process, not a static event. Dr. Koeppel, director of Koeppel Dental Group, is aware that some patients may not be able to financially handle the recommended treatment right away. Dr. Koeppel’s goal with using the concept of up-gradable dentistry is to give patients the ability and dignity to choose better dental options when it is affordable and convenient for them. You, the patient, define this sequential improvement in overall dental health and function based on your financial, social, and emotional concerns at the time of treatment.

How Does Step Wise Dental Treatment Work?

Well, this depends on your personal situation; no two cases are the same. For example, take a patient with severely decayed lower teeth. This patient would like to have their teeth extracted, implants placed, and a non-removable bridge to go over the implants. But the patient can’t afford to have it all don’t at the same time. So, we start with extracting the teeth and placement of an immediate denture. This way the patient is out of any pain or discomfort from the decayed teeth, and still can speak, eat, and smile while utilizing the immediate denture. At the patient’s request, we can add implants to the lower jaw while still utilizing the denture during the healing process, never leaving the patient without a great smile. Then, when the patient is ready, an esthetically pleasing fixed bridge can be fabricated to go over the implants.

Phasing out dentistry does not just pertain to dentures and implants, however. It can be extended to all aspects of dentistry such as bonding versus porcelain veneers, composite fillings versus crowns, or any other procedure where a service is provided which improves comfort, provides a stable occlusion (bite), and upgrades esthetics (cosmetics) over an extended amount of time.

Long Lasting Effects of Dentures

Dentures and partial dentures inevitably cause bone loss by the inability to chew properly and a decreased overall biting force. Many patients are unaware that removable partial dentures can cause decay and loosening of surrounding clasped teeth as well. But partials, like dentures, can be upgraded. Implants can be placed, and fixed bridges or crowns can be fabricated to go over them, thus giving patients a better chewing force, as well as a more stable and evenly distributed bite, allowing for better preservation of remaining teeth.

Dr. Koeppel, director of Koeppel Dental Group, always offers patients more options than just dentures and partials and completely involves them in their own treatment plans. By using creativity, empathy, artistry, and comprehensive restorative dentistry skills, he can work with the patient to come up with a final goal result.

Dr. Koeppel always offers patients more options than just dentures and partials and completely involves them in theirown treatment plans. The denture is not a destination but a temporary solution to the lack of teeth. By using creativity,empathy, artistry, andcomprehensive restorative dentistry skills he can work with the patient to come up with a final goal result.

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