Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

If you ask someone what the most dreaded procedure in dentistry is, there is a good chance they will answer “root canal.” There is no need to feel like this anymore! Our team of professionals will walk you through this procedure and make sure that you are at ease throughout the visits. Advanced education and the best equipment allows very little discomfort, that is if you feel any at all!

There are a few reasons that a root canal may be necessary. Most often, they are performed to alleviate pain, throbbing or sensitivity to hot or cold. This pain or discomfort is caused by an infection or inflammation in the nerve of the tooth. Pain is not the only problem with an inflamed tooth. If left untreated, the infection and cause the bone that holds the tooth in place to melt away and the tooth may need to be extracted, and contribute to heart disease.

Although just about everyone has heard of a root canal, not everyone knows what is involved with this treatment. Put simply, root canal therapy (also endodontic therapy) is just like taking the wick out of a candle or taking the lead out of a pencil. Our skilled and gentle doctors will numb the area completely, so that you do not feel any pain. Next, a protective covering, which we call a raincoat, is placed to isolate the tooth and ensures the area stays dry and clean while our doctors are working. Specialized instruments, including a microscope to see very small parts of the tooth, are utilized for the best possible results. The nerve inside of the tooth is carefully removed, and a temporary filling is placed. A few weeks later, you will see the dentist again for a permanent filling and a post which will replace the middle of the tooth. Most time, a dental crown is also recommended to act as a hard hat to protect this tooth from fracturing in the future.

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