Integrative Oral Medicine

Integrative Oral Medicine

Integrative Oral Medicine refers to the focus Koeppel Dental Group has on not only patients’ teeth, but systemic health and whole-body wellness. This model of treatment is more comparable to a preventative medical model of treating diseases and not just the result of such diseases.

This preventative model is set on disease prevention and risk management. In a strictly reparative model, patients’ symptoms are treated (get a cavity, and fill it), and they happen over and over again (i.e. periodontal pockets). Dr. Koeppel, director of Koeppel Dental Group, prefers the preventive model by treating the underlying cause of symptoms (bacteria, nutrition and home care).

Always of the cutting edge of technology, Dr. Koeppel offers 4 types of salivary testing to decode the bacteria breakdown in your oral cavity at any given time.

Similar to technology advances seen on shows such as CSI, he is able to pinpoint the exact bacteria in your mouth causing the actual symptoms in the first place.

He, then, is able to treat the source of the problem. He also offers oral cancer screenings at every hygiene visit to help catch cancer early.

Dr. Koeppel, director of Koeppel Dental Group, has a conservative approach so unnecessary costly treatment can be avoided by often recommending rinses and treatments to prevent cavities and disease all together and to reduce patient risk.

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