Implant Teeth In A Day

Implant Teeth In A Day

Immediate function or, sometimes called, immediate load implants can be placed and restored in the same visit. This concept is sometimes called “Teeth In a Day” or a similar concept “All on Four” (AO4). It allows patients to receive extractions, if needed, a fixed (non-removable) denture and implants the same day, or 1-2 days after depending on the complexity of the case. The new teeth are immediately screwed into the implants giving you the transition from natural teeth to screwed-in teeth, avoiding the embarrassment of a removable denture.

No more dentures that fallout, and no more re-cementing old bridges. In one day, you can go from hiding your breath and smile to showing off your new teeth and reclaiming your life back. Many people lose self confidence and dignity due to their teeth, or lack thereof. Regain confidence and dignity in just one day. Removable dentures and partials can be very uncomfortable and cause atrophy (bone loss) and gum recession. They are also difficult to keep clean, and often have an unnatural appearance giving them the name “false teeth”.

The “All on Four” concept was created and developed by Nobel Biocare, and is a treatment protocol which uses the NobelGuide surgical guide. This allows Long Island Teeth In A Day expert, Dr. Koeppel, director of Koeppel Dental Group, to have exact implant locations, widths of bone, depths, and angulations for perfect placement and prosthesis stability. The balanced placement of these implants allows for the strongest support possible for the prosthetic device and evenly distributes the biting forces across all the implants. Dr. Koeppel can create custom treatment plans that can accommodate any patient’s needs. However, many factors depend of the specifications of a case. Smile line, bone loss, bone health, amount of teeth to be extracted, and amount of implants to be placed can affect the way the procedure is treatment planned and executed.

Dentsply Astra Implants & Nobel Active Implants

Nobel Biocare, the leader in implant technology, invented this concept, and the new Nobel Active Implant eliminates the need for bone grafting or bone augmentation for most patients. The way this specific implant is shaped helps to speed up the osseointegration (implant fusing with bone) process. Computer data is used to create a surgical guide and an implant protocol for optimum placement. Impressions are taken before the appointment to fabricate a prosthesis, ready for insertion, using the data collected.

Our partnership with Dentsply Astra, Nobel Biocare and Dr. Koeppel’s artistic dedication to perfection in every case insures patients that they will be treated with world class care and that their treatment will be done precisely and in minimal time with esthetically pristine results. Koeppel Dental Group only uses the best materials. Dentsply Astra, and Nobel Biocare are the most trusted and most advanced implant system to date. They are the industry leader in market share and clearly surpass the hundreds of companies who compete with them because they have the highest success rates and have the most clinical research in the application of their implants in immediate function situations. At Dentsply Astra and Nobel Biocare the mission statement is to be the most desirable partner in science-based solutions that help dental professionals to make a real and lasting difference to the wellbeing of their patients, empowering them to lead healthier and more satisfying lives.

Esthetic Perfection

Every case is designed with meticulous attention to detail, through chair side examinations and delicate conversations paired with advanced radiographic technologies to achieve the ultimate result. With endless choices and resources to choose from, a wide variety of options can be utilized to fabricate a new smile. The final product can be made in any grade of laboratory material, from acrylic all the way up to zirconia and porcelain. Dr. Koeppel’s artistic handiwork and integration with laboratory technologies allows extraordinary detail and realism to each smile. Dr. Koeppel takes pride in shaping each smile to fit the face and personality of each of his patients. Every material has its positive and negative attributes, and together you and Dr. Koeppel will make this decision.

This premium level of esthetic care and detail is applied to each case, allowing financial investments to suit each patients needs. The wonderful thing about this system is that it is upgradable. Meaning additional implants can be added at later times, and the prosthesis can be fabricated in higher grades of material at the patient’s request.

Sometimes Dr. Koeppel, director of Koeppel Dental Group, places a cosmetic temporary bridge over the implants, if he does not feel the implants can hold the weight of the permanent device just yet. By doing this he allows the bone and tissue to heal (shrink) completely while acrylic provisional restorations are filling the voids of the missing teeth. Temporary restorations are placed outside of occlusion to prevent any damage to the implants and a night-guard is worn every night to protect the biting surface. This initial restoration, fabricated out of acrylic, will break or fall off before the implant accrues any damage during the healing process. This will act as a shock protector and gives patients comfort knowing their investment is protected.

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