Conus Implant Denture Alternative

Conus Implant Denture Alternative

Conus Implant Denture Alternative

Tradition denture wearers will attest to some common problems such as the dentures moving around, not being able to feel and taste food correctly, and not being able to speak properly. With Conus Implant Dentures, these issues are no longer a cause for concern. The Atlantis® Conus concept is when implants and special cone-shaped abutments give incredible stability to a removable and palate-less denture. This distinctive design ensure that your dentures will not move around while eating or speaking. Also, since it is removable, cleaning your mouth has never been easier.

How Does It Work Without a Palate?

In a typical Conus Denture, four to six Astra EV implants allows for a custom milled, palateless hybrid denture to be placed. With so many implants holding the device, the weight is distributed equally, and there is no need for suction, allowing Dr. Koeppel, director of Koeppel Dental Group, to remove the palate in a denture. This hybrid appliance attaches to cone-shaped attachments on the implants. Friction between the materials is what gives the denture its stability. The retention is great! You can be certain that you will never have to worry about your denture moving while speaking or eating again! The massive improvement in overall dental function allows patients to eat foods that had to be previously avoided and enables them to comfortably enjoy smiling and laughing again with confidence.

Is There Maintenance Involved?

Unlike other implant denture options, there is much less maintenance with Conus Dentures. Many other locator attachment dentures use parts that wear and need to be replaced over time. Not only is this time consuming, but also costly to replace. The Atlantis® Conus abutments do not have any parts that need to be replaced. The only recommended maintenance is having a dental cleaning by a hygienist every six month.

Another benefit to Conus Dentures is the ease of homecare. Since it is removable, the patient is able to clean underneath the denture and around each and every implant. Your daily routine to clean your Conus Dentures will be quick and easy. Dr. Koeppel, Director of the Koeppel Dental Group says, “Conus is one of the best implant denture alternatives to arrive on the dental platform.”

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